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WDW Bloody Massacre 2012 Results

May 27, 2012



Benny: We are here live in what many people call the best WDW ppv of the year what are your thoughts on that Slim?

SLIM: Well Benny over the years this ppv has had some of the most memorable moments in WTF history, just take a look at the tragedy last year when the great Prodigy was “murdered” and I use that word lightly because n one has proven  that as yet.

Benny: It’s true while the rumors are that CEO Jesse Seedath murdered him, there is no proof of that.


SLIM: well enough about that lets get on with the ppv, tonight we have only 3 matches but I assure you it is gonna be a wild night here at Bloody Massacre.

Benny: Let’s head to the ring for out first match.




1st Match

Mando Atef VS Vincent Whitmore

Last Man Standing match



Ladies and gentle men , welcome to one of the toughest matches tonight. It’s a last man standing match between Vincent whitmore and Mando Atef.  In this match Vincent try to take his revenge from Mando as in the previous WDW ppv Mando beat him in a ladder match . Could whitmore do it ? we will see.
The entrance music of Whitmore hit, and he entered with a spirit of anger maybe revenge also ! The audience has waved to him but he didn’t reply to them. And now the music of Mando is hit, all the audience stands up to wave and shout for Mando and he reply to them all, its really electrifying !!
The referee sign to the ring announcer to start the match, the bell rang here we go ! Vincent began the match with strong elbow in Mando’s face ! then mando went to the corner and whitmore goes after him and he punched him in the stomach and he pulled him towards the opposite corner and when Mando settled there, whitmore was ready to run towards mando before he received Mando’s foot in his face ! then Mando attacked his leg from behind that made Whitmore get on his knees before Mando ran towards the rope and strike Whitmore with a low drop kick in his face, then Mando stands up to shout to the audience and the referee begin to count on Whitmore before the last stands on his feet at the count 3.
Then Whitmore ran towards Mando before the last get aside from his way before Whitmore get over the rope and was about to fall from the ring before he catched the rope at the last second and Mando quickly get Whitmore’s head between his legs, he is about to make DDT to him before Whitmore quickly lift Mando’s body up by his head to make him fall outside the ring ! then Whitmore turned his face towards Mando and sign to the people that he will make move and suddenly he did a leg drop on Mando ! then Whitmore got up and searched under the ring for a chair until he found it, then he put it on mando’s face and he stepped at the edge of the ring and signed to the people again and he jumped again to make a leg drop ! ohh, he hit Mando again ! and now he feel like a master now and stands beside the ring while the referee began to count on Mando while the audience are shouting “Mando Mando” !
the referee reached 5 in his count, at that time Mando was standing up and was ready to fight Whitmore again ! They began to come closer to each other and they were about to catch each others’ hand, Mando suddenly made a low kick to Whitmore’s stomach, then he pushed him to hit the ring’s stair. After that Mando searched under the ring for a table and he found it, then he makes it stands betwwen the edge of the ring and the wall separating the audience and then he put Whitmore on the table and punched him several times, then Mando went to the top of the corner and waved to the people and jumped to over Whitmore !! that was awesome. All the people shouted at Mando now.
Mando hardly can stand on his feet after that jump, he is now creating a set of chairs and tables ! he put two table beside each other and 2 chairs over it then he put over the chairs another two tables, that’s a big structure here ! in that time Whitmore attacked Mando and punched him a lot and then he grabbed him to the middle of the ring and then he grabs his to the corner and then began to give him a series of shoulder attacks towards his stomach till Mando fell on the ring’s floor and then Whitmore ran to the ropes and gives Mando low drop kick that made him fall outside the ring .  Whitmore then was feeling proud of himself and some of the audience was clapping for him. Meanwhile, Mando was sneaking to get a chair in his hands, at that moment, Whitmore was preparing to jump over Mando when he went to ropes before he fly through the ropes towards Mando before the last strike the chair right in his head ! at that time, the audience began to shout again “Mando Mando”
Mando then throw the chair over Whitmore’s body, that expresses his anger from his opponent. Then he took Whitmore to the edge of the ring near the structure of the chairs and tables and Mando then lifted Whitmore to make him set on the top of the corner and began to punch him hard then Mando was starting to climb to the top of the corner that time, when Whitmore start to punch Mando in a hard way that Mando was about to fall from the corner before he strike Whitmore with a head bow that made Whitmore feel dizzy before Mando was preparing for a suplex in the direction of the structure !
that’s so dangerous, but I guess Mando will do it anyway. At that time all the audience stands on their feet to watch that extreme move and…….Mando has threw Whitmore over the structure !! Whitmore’s body broke all the tables there ! I guess he won’t be able to stand again after this. Meanwhile, Mando’s body was hit on the floor beside the ring. The referee began to count on both of them, no one can stand on his feet after that move and the count reached 4 while Mando was beginning to move his arm, no response from Whitmore. The count reached 6, Mando was starting to get on his feet while almost all the audience was encouraging him. At 7, Mando successfully stand on his feet but he leaned on the ring side ! At 8 Whitmore began to move his body  9………10 !! K.O ! all the people in the arena begin to shout at Mando, and the winner of this match..Mando Atef !!


WINNER : Mando Atef




Benny: That was a great match to start the night off Slim.

SLIM: I couldn’t agree more, these 2 young superstars are really making a name for themselves, this is their 2nd match together, I see great things in the future for them.

Benny: Indeed lets head to our next match.



2nd Match

Cm Styles Vs Christian Goode Vs Jude Jericho

Barbed wire steel cage match



This next match is a Triple Threat match, and the ropes have been replaced by barbed wire! Introducing first, a newcomer to the scene, CM Styles!

Slim: This is a very big match for Styles. He is up against two of the biggest names in this company.

Benny: Indeed, he is. And to top it off, it’s going to be a BRUTAL match! Barbed Wire Ropes? This sounds like the kind of matches that were made when Murphy was in charge!

Slim: Indeed, that was one of the great things about Murphy when he was in charge… he made some AMAZING matches. Good to see Jesse is continuing them.

Introducing next, Jude Jericho!

Benny: This man has proven himself time and again with this company…

Slim: Yeah, he has proven himself time and again to be an asshole to the fans and everyone else…

Benny: So what? He doesn’t care about the fans. He does this for himself, and he does a great job in that ring.

And finally, introducing the third and final competitor in this match, Christian Goode!

Benny: A lot can be said about this man. If you notice, he’s the only one who was smart enough to tape up his hands for this match. He is the most decorated tag team champion in the history of this company, and the only two time King of Kings…

Slim: The second one he got only because he sold out…

Benny: He didn’t sell out… he’s never denied the fact that he is out for himself and no one else. He’d turn on his own dog if it would get him gold…

Slim: Well, it looks like this match is about to start. I wonder if Goode and Jude will team up to take Styles out of the picture early on, or if it will blow up in their face as we’ve seen so often.

Benny: Only time will tell. And here is the opening bell.

As this match starts off, Jude and Goode look at each other and nod, then start towards Styles. Styles meets them with a double drop kick, catching both Jude and Goode.

Slim: That is what makes Styles so entertaining. Did you see how he landed that on both men?

Goode and Jude roll out the ring and start to root underneath for weapons.

Benny: Good strategy. In a triple threat match, there is no DQ, anything goes.

Masters holds his position in the middle of the ring as Goode and Jude take up opposite sides of the ring apron. They both climb onto the apron and nod at each other. They both put one leg in, but only Jude actually gets in the ring. Goode hops back down off the apron and applauds. Jude looks at Goode, and Styles grabs the barbed wire bat out the hands of Jude and swings right into his chest. Goode slides in the ring behind Styles as he’s swinging, waits for Styles to connect with Jude, and then brings a barbed wire wrapped steel chair on Style’s head!

Slim: I thought Goode and Jude were going to work together!

Benny: Apparently not. This is very smart on Goode’s behalf.

Jude gets up and starts to argue with Goode, who nails him in the head with the chair, dropping him to the ground. Styles is getting back to his feet, bleeding heavily, and Goode turns and kicks Styles square in the nuts. Styles doubles over, and Goode slams the chair off his back! Goode then rolls back out of the ring. Both of his opponents are down. He grabs another barbed wire chair and tosses it into the ring, followed by a third and a fourth!

Slim: What is he doing? He should have just tried to cover one of them!

Goode slides back into the ring and puts a chair under the head of both Styles and Jude! He picks up their heads by the hair and slams them onto the chairs, and then slams the chair in his hand off the top of their skulls!

Benny: He just sandwiched their heads between two barbed wire wrapped chairs!

Slim: Oh my GOD! They are both bleeding heavily!

Goode drags Jude and drags him right next to Styles and pins both of them in the middle of the ring! The bell rings.

Announcer: Your winner by pinfall, The Goode… Christian Goode!

The crowd boos extremely loudly.

Goode grabs a microphone.

Goode: Jude, I told you I intended to win this match by any means necessary. It was nothing personal… oh, what the hell… every match is personal. Every match determines the best of the best, and that is ME!

Goode throws the microphone right onto Jude’s skull and heads to the back with a smile on his face. Emergency officials are rushing to the ring with stretchers for Styles, as Jude is slowly getting to his feet.


WINNER: C. Goode







Benny: Back from the break and I just received word that CM Styles may be seriously injured.

Slim: Enough about them this next match our main event is what we have been waiting for, Masters is finally getting his 1 on 1 shot at the WDW Championship.

Benny: After weeks and weeks of struggling to get on top Masters is finally there and Our new champion Bizarro will have a plate full to deal with tonight.

Slim: I’m rooting for Bizarro the guy beat the great Gothaark and that tells me something, he is not someone to mess with.

Benny: I have to agree with you there the odds are against Masters but can he pull a victory that will be told for ages to come? let’s head to the ring for our main event.


Main Event

Bizarro Vs Masters

– 60 min Iron Man match

(For the WDW Title)



The lights go out in the arena , “ the god that failed” by metalica begins to play ……a single spot light comes on the ramp and out of the floor rises The intercontinental champion. Masters……Dressed all in black……Masters makes his way to the ring…..

Slim: well benny this is it Masters shot at the world title

Benny: yeah slim its come down to this night, masters has busted his tail to get here….and after tonight I believe masters will be holding both belts high

Masters slides into the ring …..Masters eyes bizzaro……he quickly hands over his blacktrenchcoat and ic title belt……..both men meet in the center of the ring…..the stare down begins as the ref gives both men the rules……both men back up and await the bell…

Ding ding

Both men charge each other and masters dives low with a spear knocking biazzro to the mat….Masters is on top of him and begins to throw hard lefts and rights…..The ref comes in to separate ….Bizzaro is back to his feet…Masters is ready for him and both men lock horns…Masters backs him into the corner and drives a knee into his midsection , masters follows that up with a elbow to the chin….which staggers bizzaro…..

Masters hits a snap mare to bizzaro landing him on the mat…masters follows with bounce of the ropes followed by knee drop to bizzaros forehead…..Masters pulls bizzaro up by his hair…bizzaro manages a thumb to masters eye….Masters is temporarily blinded and bizzaro follows with a hard clothesline knocking masters to the mat…

Slim: Masters was in charge of this match but but the champ has made his move

Benny: Nothing to worry about masters will take him

Bizzaro picks masters up and throws him into the ropes….and follows masters with a flying knee droping masters again….Masters hits the mat and rolls out onto the floor….Bizarro follows him to the outside, Bizzaro picks masters up and runs him into the corner post……Bizzaro grabs masters and slides him into the ring…..Bizzaro on the attack again grabs masters and hits him with an neck breaker sending him to the mat again…..

Bizzaro holding his hands up high in the ring…Grabs masters by the hair and is getting ready to suplex masters…..But masters reveres it into a small package the ref counts 1,2,3…….ding ding…Masters gets the 1st pin

Slim: Masters strikes 1st with the 1st pin of this ironman match

Benny: Yeah that’s masters style….

The ref backs bizzaro back…and they prepare to ring the bell again….

( time is speeded up)

15 mins left

Masters and bizzaro trading blows both men having a hard time standing up,Masters still with a 1-0 lead in this ironman match…..Music begins to sound at the titantron and out comes Christian goode and jude jericho….both men with big smiles on their faces begin a slow walk to the ring….

Slim : oh hell what r these 2 goons doing out here?

Benny: Not only does masters have to worry about the champ , now he has to remember these guys r out there as well.

Masters is too his feet and grabs bizzaro in a headlock , bizzaro throws him into the ropes and masters on the rebound hits bizzaro hard sending him down hard……Jude gets onto the apron and seems to be distracting the ref……..Masters grabs bizzaro….but bizzaro nails masters with a low blow….bizzaro goes for the pin on masters….Bizzaro with a handful of tights 1,2,3…………

Bizzaro has tied this match at 1 each with less than 3 mins to go……

Masters is furious,,,,,,Masters turns and drop kicks jude off the ring apron….jude falls hard to the floor …..goode is only watching ……Masters turns and walks into a boot from bizzaro……masters is down again onto the mat……..Bizzaro grabs masters up and sets him up for a piledriver……Bizzaro nails the move on masters and goes for the pin….1,2……masters kicks out…

Bizzaro cant believe masters kicked out ……Bizzaro pulls masters up from the floor. Jude jumps onto the apron to distract the referee as Goode slides into the ring. He looks as Masters and grins, and then turns and gives Bizarro a kick to the nuts! Goode slides out of the ring and Bizarro turns right into the MKO BOOOOOM as the referee turns back to the match …Masters hits his finisher…..Masters goes for the pin1,2,3! And as soon as the refs hand gets the 3 count, the bell sounds ending the match……….Masters is the NEW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION

Slim: OMG Goode screwed over the champ! Goode turned on Bizarro!

Benny: Masters has made his destiny by winning the top prize in WDW!

Masters is in the center of the ring holding both the IC title and the world title high in the air as his music begins…..

Goode slides into the ring and yells “Cut the music! There, I held my end of the deal, now it’s your turn, Masters.” The crowd boos. “What? Are you all so blind that you can’t see that I have always done, and always will do, what is best for me and me alone?”

Masters grabs a mic. “Goode, you kept your end of the deal, and I will keep mine. My next title defense will be against you for the WDW Heavyweight Championship.”

Benny: I told you before that Goode would do whatever it took and turn on whoever he had to for his own profit.

Slim: What is going to happen now between Goode and Bizarro? I’m sure he’s pissed.

The show goes off the air with Goode and Masters standing in the middle of the ring.



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